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  1. This is very impressive!
    In terms of using a Wii remote for the PC, I used a nifty little program called GlovePIE, in my experience of using it, it works well, if one does have knowledge of coding, then they can use said knowledge to code and personalise the inputs for the wiimote. GlovePIE is something that I would recommend it to people who aren’t tech – savvy and just want to play emulated games such as Super Metroid, Pokemon, etc
    I have been scouring the web for a reliable driver and yours seems to work!
    I do have some questions though:

    Does this work with the vanilla bluetooth stack? (Vanilla being standard Microsoft Bluetooth Stack)

    What is the compatibility with said driver? Will it work with standardised internal bluetooth (like laptops for example) or does it need an external bluetooth adapter?

    Hoffnung, von Ihnen zu hören
    Auf Wiedersehen!

    1. Moin,

      thanks 😀
      The problems with GlovePIE are it is not in development anymore and the last build is quite old. It just maps the input to your keyboard, which is bad for like racing games and local multiplayer games like FIFA. And it is still very complicated, even with scripts from the internet. I never really got it working. Never figured the right moment to run the script and pair the Wii Remote.

      To your questions:

      For me, as well as some others i know, the vanilla MS Stack works perfectly fine. But i think your actual hardware, the bluetooth dongle/reciever, is the more important part. So it depends on your Bluetooth hardware, whether the MS stack works. But just give it a try. As long as you can pair your Wii Remote to your PC, so it shows up as HID-Gamepad in your Device Manager, my driver will work. If not you might try another Bluetooth Stack. But still then my driver should work, since it doesn’t care about the Bluetooth stack.

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