HID Wiimote & Control Center Issues

Control Center Issues

This smaller update is intended to combat the Control Center issue some users have. For some users it silently crashes when it tries to open the Main Window. Which after doing the driver package install is the default Window to be launched.  Unfortunately, on all my machines and systems the Control Center is working as expected. Right now, I have only some little guessing, where the issue may come from, but do not have any clue about the why and how to fix it.

As I am unable to reproduce the issue, I call for your assistance to help me find the cause of that issue. For that reason, I added an error handler, that’ll catch all errors and display an error message with some (hopefully) useful information. It still does crash, but at least it is not silent anymore. I’d like you to try out the new version.  Report back with the resulting error message and some additional information. See below on what additional information I need. Hopefully that feedback will lead me to the fix. You can report back either under this post or directly post it on the Github issue.

The newest update is available on the HID Wiimote page.

Error Reporting additional information

  • Windows Edition, Version and Build, e.g. Windows 10 [S/N/Pro], 1706, 16299.309
  • System language
  • Time zone of your system
  • Single or multiple user accounts
  • Current account is administrator
  • Antivirus program used (Name and Version)


  • Upgrade to Visual Studio 2017 and current Fall Creators Update SDK and WDK (10.0.16299)
  • Add an unhandled exception handler to the Control Center
  • Fix #38: Change unit from Radians to Degree
  • Fix #40: Change guitar whammy bar and touchbar mapping from RX and RY to Z and RZ
  • Fix #41: Home button mapped to wrong output when using Nunchuck

HID Wiimote

Long time no see/read/update….

So far my development and release strategy for the multi driver mode feature was to design, implement and release it in one go. However such multi mode driver design isn’t that trivial. Combine that with my lack of development time for this project and the result was being stuck for a long time.

But that is changing now. I am going to release the multi driver mode feature in multiple steps as i progress development. The benefit is that new features are available earlier. On the downside development time may increase, as i need to reimplement and refactor the codebase. Furthermore settings  are not guaranteed to be stable among releases. But slow progress is better than no progress at all.

What’s new?

This update introduces the Control Center. That is an user mode application, that’ll act as installer and device settings tool. The installer let’s one easily enable and disable Driver Signature Verification (via Test Mode) and install and remove the HID Wiimote device driver. Furthermore for future updates it will automatically detect whether the device driver is installed and replace it (This does not work with pre drivers, so for this update one has to manually remove any previous driver version). The Control Center shows all connected Wiimotes and let’s one apply device specific settings. Those settings include disabling a Wiimote’s accelerometers and some Classic Controller/Wii U Pro Controller mapping variations.

Installer Window
HID Wiimote Installer Window
HID Wiimote Control Center
HID Wiimote Control Center

Upcoming & Roadmap

The current release only includes the gamepad mode. The following updates are going to resolve around adding further driver modes. The goal is to finally have one driver supporting all kinds of different mode, i.e. IR mouse, DPad mouse, etc.

Next up is the raw/passthrough mode. That’ll make HID Wiimote compatible with third party applications, by letting them access the Wii Remote through my driver. So no more annoying driver switching. After that the mouse modes will be added. So long the old mouse version are still available, but won’t get any updates.

Final Words

As said the current release only includes the gamepad mode. So no update for people that use the Wiimote as mouse. Also to simplify the development process a Control Center is only compatible with its accompanied device driver version.

Before updating please remove any previous HID Wiimote Version.
As always downloads are available on the HID Wiimote page.

Change Log

  • Implement #2: Basic Tool for device specific settings, including an installer replacing TinyInstaller
  • Fix phony button presses when connecting extension