Physics Simulation: Explosion

A small physics simulation written for my “physics for games and simulations” lecture. It shows an explosion in three stages. The first stage is a implosion, followed by the explosion, whichs spreads out a shock wave. Finally there’s a chimney effekt for smoke.Explosion Screenshot

There are two different types of blocks used. The bigger ones are affected by gravity, whereas the smaller ones floating in the air are not and shall represent particles. The color indicates their density. Collision is only calculated and resolved with the ground but not among blocks.

It is based on Ian Millington’s cyclone-physics from his book “Game Physics Engine Design”. I used the core, which already includes various basic physics datatypes and operations, its rigidbodies and contactresolver. The contactdetector is done by myself, as well as the explosion with its force calculation of course. The programm is written in C++ and uses DirectX 11 for rendering.


Physics Simulation – Explosion


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