Movie Sphere: A Holographic Workplace


Movie Sphere is a proof of concept for a holographic workplace, that is made for Microsoft HoloLens. The prototype was developed for the dwerft closing conference. It is made in a corporation between alphaQuest, “Create Media” research group of HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences and Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. Besides the closing conference, the demo was also shown at Digility Cologne 2017, Holographic Academy #2 and the VR Meetup in Berlin.

It is a visualization of an movie archive, that let’s one view and work with various movie clips. A major goal is to enable two or more HoloLens users to collaborate. Moreover another important feature is to include non-HoloLens users as well.

Movie Sphere was developed with 2-4 developers within a small timespan. The HoloLens application is made with Unity. During development I took over the role of the lead programmer. I was responsible for the shared space, shared properties, setup and start up, data integration, as well as supervised the UI and streaming implementation.


  • Display of 50 movie clips, along with their titel, genre, cast and staff.
  • Shared space between multiple HoloLens devices.
  • Shared properties across HoloLens.
  • Preview clips played on the HoloLens streamed via WiFi.
  • Drag and Drop to play clip on physical screen.


Setup & Look and Feel

Drag and Drop to play clip on physical screen

UI Design name lists


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