Blowback is an award winning auditory game for iOS and Android. It was done by the Creative Media project group at HTW Berlin in cooperation with German broadcaster Deutschland Radio. The game utilizes binaural sounds to tell a thrilling story only through headphones. The player has to move across different rooms and solve puzzles without anything but controls on the display. The rooms are filled with various sound sources, that’ll guide the player to the exit.

Blowback Screenshot
Everything the player sees.

As Lead Programmer (and most of the time sole programmer) i developed an engine based on the Entity-Component-System pattern. The games core is written in C++ based on OpenFrameworks. The engine is driven by level data in the form of JSON. It features an asset manager to load and free assets on runtime, logic and event system that can be scripted within the JSON level files, asset updates via webserver for development purposes, as well as Accessibility support on iOS.

The game is not localized, therefore only available in German.



Blowback Die Suche

Blowback (iTunes)

Blowback (Google Play)

Creative Media project site

Deutschlandradio project site

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