Living Movie

Living Movie is a short movie created as a project for the postproduction lecture in my bachelor degree study. The task was to produce a clip with a length of 3 – 6 minutes within 2 months. The lectue covered several topics ranging from preproduction to postproduction.

In preproduction we delevoped the brief plot, created a storyboard and wrote the movie script. Luckily we found two cinemas to shoot in, so we had the perfect set. For the production we had only 5 days to shoot in those cinemas. We did everything on our own; from makeup, through props, to lighting. I was in charge of camera operation, lighting, as well as some directing. While postproduction i did the video editing and special effects. Additionaly cutting and audio editing was done with a colleague. Finaly we presented our movie in an exam to be rated by an jury.

Below is our clip. The language is unfortunately in german, but i’ll give you the plot.

A couple is visiting the cinema, to watch the new action movie “Very Last Action Hero”. The girlfirend is’nt very happy about that and is promised a burger afterwards. The movie is in 3D, but during the movie gunshots and the characters are getting through the screen into the real world. The boyfriend is thinking those are brilliant 3D effects, while his girlfriend is kidnapped by the villain. In the end the villain is killed by the distraught girlfriend, the boyfriend still doesn’t get it was real and the hero is taking the burger.

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