HID Wiimote & Stream for the next 5 Months

Some may have wondered, others may have already seen my tweets. I’ve moved to Oslo for a 5 months student exchange program last week. So this means i have only my Laptop with me and that is unfortunately not powerful enough to stream. So for the next 5 months, until January, there won’t be any streams from me 🙁
Also i think i wouldn’t find the time for  streaming, since during student exchanges you have better things to do, like exploring the country and so on.

But when i do have some spare time i am going to try to get some work on HID Wiimote done. So at least i am trying to get official Windows 10 Builds done asap. Hopefully they will be available within the next weeks, but i need to find some spare time to install Windows 10 (twice, once on my Laptop and then a second time on a VM) and then setup my development environment, etc.

Until then you can use the Windows 8.1 builds on Windows 10. Someone mentioned they are working just fine. Just don’t forget to turn on the Testmode.

So at the end a photo i took of the wonderful and idyllic nature here in Norway 😀

Sognsvann Lake near Oslo

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  1. Good luck with your studies! Many thanks for the wiimote software, it allows me to play pes 2016 on my pc with Windows 10 dutch version x64 with the gamepad from the wii. GREAT WORK!

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