IR-Mouse HID Wiimote Hotfix

Small hotfix for the IR-Mouse version of HID Wiimote. I stupidly removed the Hardware ID from the .inf file, thinking the IR-Mouse doesn’t need it, because the “-TR” Wii Remote shares it with the Wii U Pro Controller.

Added it back to the .inf file and made a new package batch. When you want to use the newer Wii Remotes with the IR-Mouse driver, uninstall the old one and get the fresh packages from the download page.

Since the Wii U Pro Controller has the same Hardware ID as the newer Wiimotes, the IR-Mouse driver gets also loaded for the Wii U Pro Controller, although it doesn’t have an IR-Sensor.

Changes to IR-Mouse

  • Hotfix for IR-Mouse to enable “-TR” Wii Remotes

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  1. I’m struggling with the ir-remote set up. I managed to set up the game controller software without problems and got feedback from all buttons. But i cant work out how to get the ir-remote build to do anything other than connect to the controller. I cant find anyway to test it or set it up beyond the driver install. Running windows 10 in test mode.

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