HID Wiimote Update 12.10.2014

It has been a while since the last update, but i didn’t had a lot of time in the last couple of months. Due to that this is just a minor update. I looked into the problem with the certificates and the driver signing. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to remove or avoid the necessary driver signature verification deactivation on 64bit systems. But at least i got Windows into loading my driver over the default one, so changing the driver each time should be gone now.

Additionally someone requested to have a driver to use the Wii Remote as mouse.  I’ve made a special build, so the Wii Remote is recognized as mouse. You can move the mouse with the DPad, left and right click is on 1 and 2 and the middle mouse button is mapped to B. In the future i’m going to work on another build to control the mouse with the IR sensor, but this will take some additional time.

Last but not least someone other requested also to have Vista builds. So from now on i will provide Vista builds as well.

Get the newest version here, or the direct download directory


    • Added another installer, so Windows will use HID Wiimote as default driver for the Wii Remote
    • PDad-Mouse Build

5 Replies to “HID Wiimote Update 12.10.2014”

  1. Thank you, the driver is amazing, and a many people are searching for this and can’t finding, if you search “glovepie” and “head tracking with wiimote” and you will see how many need this app thanks a lote !. (sorry my english is very bad).

  2. If you make it to work with the IR sensor you will be my HERO… Then the wiimote could be used with ANY FPS PC game , like starship troppers as a LIGHTGUN!!!!!!!!!

  3. A driver for wii IR camera for headtracking would be the most amazing thing ever, and would help so many VR projects out there…
    A IR mouse would also the job I guess. Anyway, thx for you work so far and I hope you keep improving on it =)

  4. Hi, if possible, I would map mouse buttons as -, home and + to keep them close to each other as on real mouse. Furthermore – great idea making IR sensor available, but on the other hand I think, that it is not needed for mouse once wiimote has accelerometer and gyro sensors. But I believe if these sensors work in your game device driver, it is easy to find appropriate program for emulating mouse with any “joystick”. I would like to see a driver for wii infrared camera to be able to use it with older IR headtracking software like Freetrack, opentrack or facetrack noIR… But treat these just like some ideas ;-). Again, thanks for your work.

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