HID Wiimote

Just a small update for HID Wiimote to fix the Guitar Hero stuff. I somehow messed up some indices in the first place. And later messed up some other again when refactoring some code. In the end the Whammy and Touch Bar (RX and RY axes) and the buttons were mapped to the X and Y axes. That’s why some buttons were permanently reported as pressed. So changing four lines of code (one index each line) fixed it.

I’ve also changed the default settings for new devices, that have never been connected yet. The default settings should now reflect the behavior of pre

In case you have installed, you can simply update the driver by downloading the newest version and running the new Control Center binary. It’ll automatically detect the old version and replace it for you. However and below have to be removed manually before updating.

Download available on the HID Wiimote page.


  • Fix #24 & Fix #31: Fix Guitar Hero Buttons, Whammy and Touch bar
  • Fix not detecting certain GH Accessories
  • Change default settings for new unknown devices to have accelerometer and trigger axis enabled

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